Conclusion, The Folk Song in Nova Scotia and Stan Rogers’ Fogarty’s Cove

Stan Rogers, overlooking Cape Spear from Signal Hill in St. John’s, NL.

A revised version of my honours thesis at Saint Francis Xavier University, accepted April 2016. I was supervised by Dr. Laurie Stanley-Blackwell (StFX), and my second reader was Dr. Ian Rocksborough-Smith (now of University of the Fraser Valley). If you have feedback you’d like to share, feel free to write me at chris.greencorn [at] or find me on Twitter (@chrisgreencorn).

By tracing the lineage of the concepts of “folk” and “folk music” through French Enlightenment and German romantic nationalist philosophers, Harvard literary scholars, folk song enthusiasts, and…

Chris Greencorn

Grad Student in Ethnomusicology, University of Toronto

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